Roller Blinds

Neo & Kira Plains

Gala Plains


Our luxurious gala plains collection features a fabulous range of popular on-trend colours. From soothing neutrals to bright vivid hues, there is a colour to compliment any interior style whilst giving you excellent privacy and sunlight control.

Plain Blackout Roller Blinds


Keep the sunlight at bay and ensure a good night’s slumber with our luxurious collection of plain blackouts. Thermally and energy efficient, they are ideal for the bedroom or any room of the home where you require shade and privacy.

Patterned Roller Blinds


Add some fabulous detail, design and colour to the windows of your home with our stylish patterned collection. From funky and contemporary through to retro and vintage, there is a pattern to suit all types of interior décor.

Patterned Blackout Roller Blinds


If you require a greater degree of sunlight protection, shade and privacy, then our luxurious patterned blackouts are just perfect. Choose from textures, stripes, modern and timeless designs as well as some fabulous children’s fabrics.

Waterproof Roller Blinds


Our high quality PVC waterproof collection is the perfect choice for the bathroom and kitchen, shower room or utility. They are washable and wipe-able, mould proof and blackout and come in fabulous range of plains, patterns and textures.

Textured Roller Blinds


Bring a wonderfully organic flavour to your homes décor with our sumptuous range of textured fabric designs. Their natural woven finish gives them a real tactile quality that is guaranteed to bring warmth and luxury to any window.

Textured Blackout Roller Blinds


For luxurious natural design and organic beauty, our timeless collection of textured blackouts is perfect. With their rustic appeal and special blackout coating, they will keep any room brilliantly shaded and looking truly sumptuous.

Fire Retardant


Bring colour and practicality to any window with our high quality fire resistant fabrics. Choose from a tasteful range of fabric colours all of which conform to BS 5867 flammability safety standards, giving you both peace of mind and stylish shade.

Transform Your Space with Luxury Roller Blinds

Featuring all the latest colours and designs, styles and trends, our beautiful collection of custom-made roller blinds has something to suit all tastes, from vintage to contemporary. They're easy to operate, a breeze to keep clean, and a great way to control privacy and sunlight whilst adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your windows.

All of our roller blinds are manufactured in-house using high-quality UK components and fabrics throughout. They're made to measure to your exact sizes and come supplied with a luxurious sidewinder chain control for precision control and ease of use, along with in-built child safety features for complete peace of mind. Versatile and always fashionable, they're an affordable way to add a pop of colour, functionality and sophisticated design to your home's interior.

With our fast and free sample service, you can see just how wonderful our stylish designs will look in your home before you buy. Allowing you to select the perfect fabric to compliment your room's décor and finish your windows with a flourish.

What are the Benefits of Roller Blinds?

  • Compared to other types of blinds, roller blinds for windows are the most cost-effective choice and are available in the widest range of colours, designs and patterns, making it easy to achieve your desired aesthetic. They can look chic and subtle or make a big style statement at your windows, and their sleek roll-up style gives them a clean, contemporary appearance.
  • They’re suitable for any room in your home. Choose from blackout fabrics for your bedroom, waterproof PVC fabrics for your bathroom or dimout fabrics for your lounge and dining room.
  • All of our roller blind fabrics provide insulation against heat and cold. This can help to reduce your energy costs and regulate the temperature of your home keeping it more comfortable. The most effective being our thermally efficient blackout and PVC fabrics.
  • Ease of operation. Their smooth action sidewinder control means you can easily raise and lower them and precisely position them exactly where you want.
  • They give you flexible light and privacy control. You can achieve just the right amount of light and shade in your room. You can completely lower them to block out all the light and give you total privacy, or fully raise them to let the light flood in giving you an unobscured view outside.
  • If you choose a blackout, PVC or thick textured fabric, they can help with noise reduction by dampening outside sounds such as road traffic.
  • They’re strong, durable and robust, especially if they’re made with PVC and vinyl fabrics. All the components used in the manufacture of our high-quality made-to-measure roller blinds are tested for a minimum of a ten-year life cycle, and if cared for will last much longer than that.
  • Easy to clean, a quick dusting or wipe down with a damp cloth usually suffices. As their fabric hangs vertically and they’re often rolled up during the day, they’re less susceptible to dust buildup than most other types of blinds. So they’re a great low-maintenance choice.
  • They can be made in extra wide and extra long sizes, up to three metres depending on the fabric you choose. So they’re ideal for larger windows and patio doors.
  • They’re easy to measure and install yourself at home, as they’re lightweight and easy to handle. Allowing you to save money on installation costs.

Roller Blinds FAQs

What type of roller blinds are best?

Thermal blackout roller blinds are perfect for bedrooms or living rooms where you require complete light control along with maximum privacy and insulation at the windows. For steamy and humid bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl and PVC waterproof roller blinds will handle any amount of moisture with ease. They’re also mould and stain-resistant and a breeze to wipe clean. If you want to add colour, lively motifs and design to your décor, patterned roller blinds are the ideal way to express your style and personality. Or you can opt for subtle plain fabrics to keep things calm and softly filter light through windows.

Are roller blinds better inside or outside of the window recess?

This is largely down to personal preference. Whilst most people choose to fit them inside the window recess for a neater appearance, there's no right or wrong answer. If you want to block out the maximum amount of light, fitting a blackout roller blind outside the recess with extra fabric coverage around all four sides is recommended. Consider your room’s style, shape and layout and any functional limitations such as inward opening windows to make the best choice for your home.

Can I install a roller blind myself and are they easy to install?

Yes, with basic DIY skills and tools, and taking care to follow the supplied instructions, installing a roller blind is a straightforward task. Roller blinds are the easiest type of blinds to fit overall.

How do you hang roller blinds without drilling holes?

Simply choose our no-drill roller blind option when placing your order. You can see just how easy they are to hang with our no-drill roller blinds installation guide.

Cleaning FAQs

How to Measure and Fit

Getting the perfect fit for your windows couldn’t be easier, simply follow our easy step-by-step measuring and fitting guides.

If you have any questions, please ask.