Made to Measure Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Choose from hundreds of made to measure vertical blinds in a wide range of contemporary colours, designs and textures. Handmade in the UK using on the finest fabrics and materials, our luxurious vertical window blinds are the epitome of style and sophistication. Vertical blinds are made up of elegant vertical louvres that can be rotated to let varying amounts of light in. They can also be fully drawn to reveal the entire window, either gathering to one side or parting in the middle for complete control over sunlight and privacy.
The Jacquard Collection
Banish the light in the most stylish and functional way with our luxurious collection of blackout fabrics. From soft soothing neutrals to bright, bold and colourful tones, there is a fabric to complement all types of interior.
Perfect for the bathroom or kitchen, our stylish collection of high quality PVC fabrics are waterproof, mould-resistant, blackout and wipe clean, so they’re super practical. They also come in a wide range of fabulous colours, patterns and textures.

Textured Fabrics

Our stylish collection of luxurious textures is the perfect way to add depth, interest and organic styling to the windows of your home. Available in a beautiful range of tones and designs, there is something to suit all styles of interior décor.
Bring beautiful texture and design to your homes décor alongside additional light and privacy control with our luxurious collection of textured blackout fabrics. From contemporary to vintage, these is a style and tone to suit all tastes.
Add some fabulous detailing to your windows with our luxurious range of patterned fabric designs. From subtle to bold, floral to abstract, this stylish collection comes in a beautiful array of designs allowing to find the ideal look for your home.

Cream Vertical Blinds

This beautiful range of plain cream fabrics is the ideal way to bring privacy and light control to the windows along with some beautiful soothing tones. They will complement rather than overwhelm a rooms décor in the most tasteful and elegant way.

White Vertical Blinds

Brighten up any rooms décor with this luxurious range of plain white fabrics. From the kitchen to the patio, these elegant verticals are both a timeless and practical way control sunlight whilst creating a light and airy look at the windows.

Beige & Brown Vertical Blinds

Bring some beautiful earthy tones to your homes décor with these luxurious brown and beige fabrics. Their neutral colouring makes them a versatile choice for many rooms where they will create warm welcoming glow at the windows.

Green Vertical Blinds

Add a flash of natural colouring to your home with these luxurious plain green verticals. From vibrant lime tones to subtler pale hues, these beautiful fabrics offer a stylish way to control both sunlight and privacy.
This luxurious collection of grey and black fabrics offers a wonderfully chic way to inject some cool colouring into your homes décor. Their on trend tones and ability to precisely control the sunlight makes them both a practical and stylish choice.

Red & Orange Vertical Blinds

If you are looking for a rich and colourful way to dress the windows, this stylish collection of orange and red verticals is perfect. They allow you to control privacy and sunlight whilst adding some passionate and sunny tones to your rooms décor.

Pink & Lilac Vertical Blinds

For a warm colourful way to dress the windows, these beautiful lilac and pink fabrics are simply fabulous. They are the perfect way to create a girlie look in children’s bedroom or even your own bedroom if your love these beautiful feminine tones.

Blue Vertical Blinds

Create a super chic look in any room with our stylish collection of luxurious blue verticals. From pale subtle tones through to bright vibrant hues, these beautiful colours will allow your home to flourish in the most timeless and elegant way.

Yellow Vertical Blinds

Our luxurious range of yellow verticals is the ideal way to inject some real warmth into your homes décor. Their sunny disposition will brighten up any window and their ability to control light and privacy makes them super practical as well.

Fire Retardant Fabrics

Bring colour, practicality and safety to the windows of your home or office with our stylish range of flame resistant fabrics. They are the ideal way to add a touch of colour, control the sunlight and of course bring you peace of mind.

Suede Fabrics

With their rich velvety texture and luxurious looks, these beautiful made to measure faux silk verticals are a timeless and sumptuous way to dress any window. They are also blackout, making them both a practical and stylish choice.

Our stylish collection of custom-made vertical blinds are the perfect way to bring a splash of colour, style and practicality to any window of your home or office. Their inherent functionality makes them the perfect choice for any window where added light and privacy control is required.

Made to measure for the perfect fit, each blind is manufactured to your exact sizes using a luxury aluminium headrail that is beautifully rounded and contoured for a more modern, clean and fashionable look. The contemporary 89mm wide louvers or slats are fully sewn, weighted at the bottom and incorporate child safety features as standard for peace of mind.

With such a wide range of luxurious fabrics to choose from including plains, textures, dim out, blackout, water resistant and flame retardant fabrics, finding the perfect look for your home has never been easier.