Made to Measure Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Our extensive range of made to measure roman blinds provides the perfect solution for any room in your house – whatever your décor.

The Orla Kiely Collection

from £68.45

Striped Roman Blinds

from £53.95

Black & White Roman Blinds

from £53.95
Choose from our gorgeous collection of luxurious black and white fabric designs that are guaranteed to bring an elegant refined look to any room. Fully lined and handmade to the highest standards, they are the epitome of opulence and style.

Brown Roman Blinds

from £53.95
With their beautiful earthy neutral tones, this stylish collection of luxurious brown romans is the ideal way to bring elegant design to a rooms décor. From traditional to modern, theses sumptuous soft fabrics will compliment any style of interior.

Cream & Beige Roman Blinds

from £53.95
Bring soothing neutral hues and timeless design to your home with this beautiful collection of beige and cream romans. Handmade, luxurious and the perfect way to add a sophisticated look to any bedroom, kitchen or living room window.

Blue Roman Blinds

from £53.95
With their cool tones and timeless good looks, these beautiful soft fabric designs are the perfect way to introduce a touch of blue into a rooms décor. Fully lined and custom made for a perfect fit, they are the epitome of luxury and style.

Green Roman Blinds

from £53.95
This stylish range of bespoke green romans is the perfect way to bring a touch of nature’s colour and a truly luxurious look to your home. With a choice of both traditional and contemporary designs, there is fabric to complement all styles.

Red Roman Blinds

from £53.95
Bring fiery passionate colouring and an air of sophisticated to your home with this stylish collection of custom made red romans. These beautiful soft fabrics are the epitome of luxury and guaranteed to add the wow factor to any window.

Lilac, Purple & Pink Roman Blinds

from £53.95
From bright vibrant tones through to soft pastel shades, this stylish collection of pink, lilac and purple romans is the perfect way to add some beautiful colouring, timeless design and luxurious styling to the windows of your home.

Yellow & Orange Roman Blinds

from £53.95
If you love warm, sunny and zesty tones amongst your homes décor, then this beautiful range of orange and yellow romans is the perfect choice. What’s more, they are handmade, fully lined and of the highest quality.

Children’s Designs

from £53.95

At English Blinds we pride ourselves in bringing you the finest custom-made roman blinds at affordable online prices. They are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and timeless elegance to the windows of your home. Manufactured using high quality components and designer soft fabrics, they are guaranteed to create a sumptuous look in any room.

Not only do they look fabulous, they are easy to install and operate, and extremely energy efficient. They will help to keep your home warm in the winter and protect you from the sun during the summer. They also afford you excellent light control, when drawn up they allow an abundance of light into the room and complete privacy when lowered.