Bedroom Blinds

Roller blinds for bedrooms come in a vast range of colours and designs so there really is something for everyone; including thermal blackout fabrics to keep you snug and warm at night. Roller blinds are great for children’s bedrooms as well as adults, particularly if a good night’s sleep and avoiding tantrums go hand in hand in your home!

Sustainably forested real wooden blinds finished in painted, textured, or natural grains are the ideal way to bring a touch of clean sophistication to your bedroom window. Plus, they help to conserve heat in winter and keep your bedroom cool in summer, and offer superior control over both light and privacy thanks to their tilting slats.

Many colours and designs of roller blinds, Roman or vertical for the bedroom can be made into blackout blinds using a special lining. This will keep the morning sun from disturbing your slumber; and if you choose a thermal blackout lining, this is also energy efficient, which can help to reduce your heating bills too!

Vertical blinds are often overlooked for bedrooms, but they’re actually a great choice of blinds for larger windows, offering excellent privacy and lighting control options thanks to their rotating louvres. Take a look at our full range of vertical bedroom blinds; you may find far more colours and design ideas to choose from than you expect!

Roman blinds will give any bedroom window an opulent, luxurious finish that suits larger windows particularly well. Choose handmade Roman blinds from our comprehensive collection of both contemporary and classical design ideas, perhaps finished with a blackout lining to guarantee an uninterrupted, soothing sleep.

Modern or minimalistic bedrooms or even the futuristic bedroom of a robot-mad child can be finished to perfection with the addition of aluminium Venetian blinds, finished in your choice of colour and texture. Their clean, crisp lines also mean they blend well with many soft, chic, and sophisticated bedroom designs too.

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What are the best blinds for a bedroom?

Whether you’re trying to pick blinds for a child’s bedroom or for an opulent boudoir complete with its own four-poster bed, choosing the best blinds for a bedroom can be a highly loaded endeavour. You will of course want them to make your room look good and create the right ambiance to help you get to sleep, but there are a number of practical considerations to bear in mind too.

A beautiful or funky bedroom blind that you love in the evening might not please you quite so much at 7am in the summer if you’re the type that needs more or less full darkness to sleep, but you wake up feeling like a spotlight is being pointed at you because your blind isn’t blocking out the sun!

This means that blackout blinds are popular for bedroom windows for obvious reasons, and blackout linings can be chosen as an option for many colours, patterns, or styles of vertical, Roman, or roller blinds we offer.

Wooden and faux-wood blinds and aluminium Venetian blinds will also block most of the light that hits them when fully closed too. However, as is the case with all types of bedroom window blinds (including blackout options), how you hang them (whether inside of or in front of the window recess) dictates how much light escapes around the sides of your blinds, so bear this in mind too.

What are the benefits of bedroom blinds?

In terms of colours, patterns, designs, styles, materials, and finishes, whatever your design aesthetic (or even if your idea of a styled bedroom is making a token effort to pick your clothes up off the floor before you forget what colour the carpet is) there is a window blind to suit.

Choosing blackout blinds for the bedroom window will help to ensure that your slumber isn’t disturbed by anything more intrusive than the dawn chorus. However, if you prefer to wake up naturally as the sun rises, choose standard blind linings; or even blinds with tilting slats or louvres, which offer a high level of user control to permit you to decide just how much of the sun enters your bedroom at any given time.

You might also want to think about next-level thermal blackout roller blinds with a special coating or roman blinds with a blackout lining that block drafts from bedroom windows and generally helps to prevent heat from escaping. These are thermally efficient, and a good choice if you don’t want to be shelling out more than you need to on your energy bills, or want to pick eco-friendly window blinds to reduce your carbon footprint.

When it comes to the age-old “curtains versus blinds for bedrooms” debate, most types of blinds have the advantage in being easy to keep clean, which is particularly worth bearing in mind if you’re trying to choose window dressings for a child’s room.

Some types of PVC and vinyl blinds can even be washed in the washing machine; and wooden, faux-wood and aluminium Venetian blinds can all simply be wiped clean of more or less anything but indelible pen; which we strongly recommend keeping far away from both your blinds and your children in general.

Our range of custom-made blinds for children’s bedrooms is extensive, and even if you’re adulting with intent, there’s no rule saying that glow-in-the-dark blinds or animal character blinds have an upper age limit either.

However, if you are looking for something a little chicer for your bedroom window, be that a sleek, minimalistic style or a shamelessly sensuous vintage fabric design, we’ve got you covered.

In need of design ideas or a little inspiration? Why not peruse the English Blinds Blog to get you started, and if you need any advice on choosing made to measure bedroom blinds, just get in touch.

Follow our handy guides and discover how to measure for bedroom blinds and how to install bedroom blinds, to ensure your blinds fit perfectly.

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