Blackout Blinds

Plain Blackout Roller Blinds

Patterned Blackout Roller Blinds


Banish the sunlight and keep any room shaded in the most stylish and luxurious way with this beautiful collection of energy saving patterned blackout rollers. From vintage stripes and spots though to modern textures and abstracts designs, there is a fabric to compliment all styles of interior décor.

Waterproof Blackout Roller Blinds


Perfect for the bathroom and kitchen, this luxurious collection of waterproof blackout rollers features a wide range of colours, textures and patterned designs. Manufactured using only the finest components and PVC fabrics, they are a breeze to wipe clean making them both practical and stylish.

Plain Blackout Vertical Blinds


Our collection of high quality plain blackout verticals is just the thing for keeping the sunlight at bay and giving you additional control over privacy and shade, making them both practical and stylish. Choose from a wide range of luxurious fabrics and find the perfect colour to suit your home’s style.

Waterproof Blackout Vertical Blinds


With their sleek and sophisticated lines and high quality PVC fabrics, this luxurious collection of made to measure blackout verticals is the perfect way to bring style and practicality to your windows. They’re waterproof and wipe clean making them the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Blackout blinds are the ideal solution for rooms that need lots of shade or to be kept dark and cool, such as the living room, home office or a baby’s nursery where they will help your little ones get a good night’s sleep. For the kitchen and bathroom, we have a luxurious range of water-resistant PVC and vinyl fabrics that are both a stylish and functional way of keep the sunlight at bay.

Choosing the perfect blinds for your home, whether for keeping the light and glare off a computer or TV screen, or for blocking out the early morning sunlight, is a breeze with our luxurious collection of thermal fabrics. Manufactured in the UK using only high-quality fabrics and British sourced components throughout, they are built to last and guaranteed to look fabulous for many years to come.


How to Measure and Fit

Getting the perfect fit for your windows couldn’t be simpler, just follow our handy step-by-step measuring and fitting guides.

If you have any questions, please ask.