Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are an excellent choice for any wet room or bathroom window. Our gorgeous collection of luxury plain, patterned Vinyl and PVC Waterproof fabrics means there is a beautiful design to suit any d├ęcor. They are ideal for rooms where moisture and humidity are present or where the blind is likely to get wet.

Wooden Blinds

Bring the beauty of nature to your windows and an even greater degree of privacy and light control, with our luxurious wooden blinds. They are available in a wide choice of woods and are truly stunning. If the blinds are likely to get wet or subjected to moisture, then our stylish waterproof faux wood blinds are the ideal choice.

Vertical Blinds

Often overlooked as a way to dress a bathroom window, vertical blinds are a great choice if you require a greater degree of light and privacy control. With our wide range of waterproof PVC and Vinyl fabrics for humid rooms and super stylish patterned and plain designs there is a fabric to compliment any colour scheme.

Roman Blinds

Although not water resistant, roman blinds do look fabulous at a bathroom window. They are only suitable if they are not going to get wet or be subjected to moisture directly. They generally work well in larger bathrooms that have plenty of ventilation and where the blind is not situated too close to the shower or bath.

Wood Blinds

If moisture and humidity are not an issue in the room, then these luxurious woven wood blinds are guaranteed to bring a fabulous natural look to the window. Their rich wood colours and the beautiful way they filter light entering through the window with a dappled effect creates the most naturally soothing atmosphere in any room.

Venetian Blinds

The sleek lines and timeless looks of an aluminium venetian blind look fabulous at the window of a modern or contemporary styled bathroom. They can withstand a fair amount of water and are good in relatively humid and moist environments. With great light and privacy control they are a fabulous way of adding colour to a room.

Made to Measure Blinds for your Bathroom

When choosing which blinds, shades or curtains are most suitable for your bathroom window there are a few things to consider, due to the fact that bathrooms tend to be moist and humid environments. How wet or damp the blind is likely to get, this depends on how close it is to the shower or bath obviously. At the very least it is likely to get damp or moist due to the condensation in the room.

If the blinds are likely to get wet, then the best solution is to choose a PVC or vinyl fabric that will at least be water resistant if not waterproof. These easy wipe-able and washable fabrics are available in our PVC waterproof wood blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds section and are the ideal choice for any bathroom. We also have some beautiful blackout fabrics amongst our bathroom blinds collection if you need to dramatically reduce the light, and want complete privacy at the bathroom window.

Another consideration for your bathroom is our aluminium venetian window blinds. These are fairly resistant to water and condensation and are extremely easy to clean, you just wipe them down with a damp cloth. They also afford you extra privacy whilst at the same time keeping the room light due to their ability to tilt the horizontal slats to almost any angle you require. Venetian blinds also offer a wonderfully modern and contemporary look at the window if this is the effect you are looking to achieve. They are available in wide range of fabulous metal colours, designs and finishes.

Our faux wood blinds are the ideal choice if you are looking to bring a touch of nature to the windows. They are tremendously hardwearing, robust and waterproof, so perfect for areas of high humidity. Real wood venetian blinds also look stunning and are extremely effective, just bear in mind they are not ideally suited to the bathroom and getting very wet as they are not completely waterproof. They can withstand a certain amount of moisture, but if they are likely to get soaked on a regular basis then there is a chance that the wood slats may warp. This can be overcome to a certain extent if they are dried off immediately. Another consideration if you want that real wood look is our wood effect metal venetians, which you will find in our venetian blinds section.

If you are looking for an extremely plush and luxurious look in the bathroom and the windows are far enough away from the shower or bath so that water is not an issue, then our gorgeous collection of made to measure curtains and roman bathroom blinds are a wonderful choice. From traditional embroidered fabrics to more modern and funky patterned fabrics in bright and bold colours, there is a design to suit any style of bathroom and really bring the windows alive.

Our luxurious range of wet room, shower and bathroom blinds is made to the highest standards using only the finest fabrics, materials and components to ensure they both stand the test of time and look fabulous. From our elegant made to measure waterproof bathroom roller blinds to our stylish venetian blinds they are all available to buy online and are delivered direct throughout the UK at discount web prices. If you are currently looking for inspirational design ideas then why not take advantage of our free sample service.