Bathroom Blinds

Waterproof PVC roller blinds are the most popular blinds for bathroom windows and wet rooms, and for good reason. They’re available in an extensive collection of stylish colours and designs, from funky to functional and beyond, and are the perfect blinds for bathrooms where moisture, humidity, or splashy toddlers need to be factored in.

Faux wood blinds offer all the beauty of real wood, but they’re extremely hardwearing and won’t warp in humid, steamy environments. Highly robust and made to last, our extensive range of faux wood bathroom blinds incorporates a range of wood finishes and colours, making them a great pick for naturally styled or nautical-themed bathrooms.

PVC vertical blinds are often overlooked for bathrooms, but they’re actually a great choice for steamy or humid rooms. As well as being waterproof, vertical bathroom blinds can be tilted to filter light and increase privacy without closing them entirely. Our PVC vertical blinds come in a wide range of colours and patterns; not just office white!

Aluminium Venetian blinds for bathroom windows offer a high degree of light and privacy control, as their slats can be tilted as well as closed. Aluminium Venetians are water resistant enough for family bathrooms (even if the water doesn’t always stay in the bath), and their clean, sleek lines suit both contemporary and classic bathroom styling.

Real wooden blinds get the green light for bathrooms that are well ventilated, or where moisture and humidity aren’t a huge issue. However, they’re not a great pick for wet rooms, or if the blind itself might get wet. Our natural wooden blinds come in many shades, grains, and textures, as well as contemporary painted and gloss finishes.

Roman blinds are incredibly eye-catching, but will only stand the test of time in a bathroom window if they don’t get wet and aren’t exposed to a high level of moisture and humidity. This makes them the preserve of large, high-ceilinged, and well-ventilated bathrooms only. Best suited to windows a reasonable distance from the shower or bath too!

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What are the best blinds to use in a bathroom?

Bathroom window blinds need to withstand the challenges of being hung in a humid or steamy environment and in some cases, being at risk of getting wet. However, there are still plenty of options to be going on with!

  • Suitable options for a wet room or bathroom window include PVC or vinyl roller blinds and vertical blinds, and also faux-wood slatted blinds, all of which will withstand a high degree of moisture and humidity.
  • Aluminium Venetian blinds shouldn’t be overlooked either, whether your bathroom turns into a full-on water theme park, or just acts like the average bathroom in terms of the presence of water and steam. Venetian blinds for bathrooms are highly resistant to water and condensation, and their slats are made from aluminium, so they won’t rust.
  • If your bathroom is larger, less subject to wet or damp, and has excellent ventilation, you even have the option of real wood blinds for a more natural look or Roman blinds, for a seriously opulent look to go with your claw-footed Victorian bathtub. That said, these are something of a bold choice for all but large, high-ceilinged rooms with the shower or bathtub (and water in general) kept some distance from the blind itself.

What are the benefits of bathroom blinds?

Aside from the obvious application of preventing the neighbours from seeing your pale bits, window blinds for bathrooms (depending on the type you pick) can do a number of specialised things.

  • First up, made to measure bathroom blinds protect your privacy by preventing people passing by from being able to see through the window, while also ensuring that people outside of the home don’t get an unwitting eyeful of something they’d rather not see.
  • They also filter or soften the light, prevent glare, and allow you to make the bathroom feel cosier and more welcoming; essential if you like to relax in the bath with a glass of wine and some scented candles at the end of a hard day.
  • Some types of bathroom blinds, such as PVC roller blinds and vertical blinds, are blackout too, enabling you to occlude light from outside more or less entirely, depending on how you hang them within the window recess.
  • If you choose vertical blinds or Venetian blinds for your bathroom (either faux-wood, wood, or aluminium) these can be tilted or slanted, enabling you to exert a high degree of control over the level of light and privacy offered. This might be important to you if the light hits the bathroom windows full-on at certain times of day, or if you and your other half have markedly different ideas on what constitutes the appropriate bathroom ambience and level of privacy.
  • Thermal bathroom blinds also help to insulate the window too, preventing drafts from ruining the mood as soon as you step out of the bath, and helping to reduce heat loss through the window. An excellent choice if your heating bills can be a little steep, or you’re keen to pick eco-friendly blinds and do your bit towards reducing global warning.
  • Last but very much not least, bathroom blinds allow you to style your room exactly how you want it; to create or enhance a theme, disguise an ugly view or even just an ugly window, and generally, put your own personal stamp on the room in the way you want.

If you’re looking for bathroom blind design ideas, go ahead and peruse our wide range of styles, fabrics, and materials, and feel free to request fabric samples of your favourites.

We’ll send as many samples as you like totally free of charge (we don’t even ask for postage) and we also ensure that they’re large enough to show the whole pattern, to enable you to be confident in your final choice.

Follow our handy guides and discover how to measure for bathroom blinds and how to install bathroom blinds, to ensure your blinds fit perfectly.

Any questions about bathroom blinds in the meantime? Just ask.

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