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Grey patterned roman blinds and curtains in lounge
Should I use curtains with blinds? Really there’s only one specific situation in which the answer to this is generally a resounding “yes,” and that is if you need to...[…]
Coral patterned blackout roller blinds in bedroom
What is the difference between thermal and blackout blinds? Sometimes none… There is definitely a lot of crossover here, but various exceptions too. (Almost) all blackout blinds are also thermal...[…]
White wooden blinds in kitchen
Are white wooden blinds easy to clean? The technical answer to this is that they’re exactly as easy to clean as any other colour of wooden blinds. The more useful...[…]
Luxury purple and copper textured roller blind
Hey look, it’s 2022 folks! And in another three months or so my typing/writing finger will probably have caught up with this fact and stopped erroneously writing “2021” at every...[…]
Luxury English garden patterned roman blinds
Can blinds keep heat in your home and stop or lessen the degree to which it escapes out of the windows? Yes, all blinds help to keep the warmth on...[…]
Luxury heather blackout roller blinds in bedroom
Which blinds are best for blackout? Those that are made of a material that is totally impermeable to the sun, as opposed to “dimout” blinds, which will darken a room...[…]
Blackout blinds compared to dimout blinds
Basically, dimout blinds are blinds that will reduce (often greatly) the amount of light entering a room when the blinds are closed. However, they don’t turn the room pitch black...[…]
Grey thermal blackout roller blinds in bedroom
What are the best thermal blinds? Overall, this would be Roman blinds made specifically with a thermal blackout lining. However, if you’re exploring what blinds are best to keep cold...[…]