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Fixing broken window blinds
This sort of depends on what kind of fix is needed. Find out if your blinds have reached the end of the road or can be fixed up within this...[…]
Grey vertical blinds in retro living room
Vertical blinds have been around for many decades now, and that includes some specific sets of them; they’re one of the most hardwearing types of blinds of all. […]
Blue patterned vertical blinds in modern living room
Even when you’ve got as far as deciding that vertical blinds are right for what you want, there are a number of other factors to consider too before you order.[…]
Blue floral patterned roller blinds
This depends on things like whether or not the blind is failing, or if you have another reason for thinking they’ve reached the end of their life with you; and...[…]
Luxury white vertical blinds in modern living room
Pretty much everyone knows what vertical blinds are, and they’ve certainly been around for a very long time. In fact, if you were to ask a reasonable number of people...[…]
White taped faux wood blinds in bedroom
Faux wood blinds are perhaps the most versatile all-rounder of all blinds, and this means that there’s not a lot of challenges or rooms they can’t handle[…]
Woman looking out of faux wood blinds at the sun
The insulating qualities of faux wood blinds are fairly well-known but do they keep heat out (when this is desirable), or nah? Read on to find out.[…]
White faux wood blinds with black tapes in living room
Faux wood Venetian blinds have a lot going for them and are one of the most versatile types of blinds of all, being well suited to a wide range of...[…]