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buying energy efficient window-blinds
As energy prices continue to be on the increase, the need to not just become “greener” but also keep our gas and electric bills lower is becoming more and more...[…]
bay window blinds
If you are lucky enough to have a home which features stunning bay windows, then you will be looking for blinds which are designed to fit these distinctive and striking...[…]
New Blinds for Spring
With spring in the air, in fact its springing into life everywhere! It is that time of the year where the day light increases, the temperature rises, we notice how...[…]
Choosing the Best Blinds for your Bathroom
Choosing the correct type of blinds for your bathroom can make all the difference in terms of both the look you are trying to achieve and also how they will...[…]
Child Safety Blinds
The European Standard (EN13120:2009) pertaining to safety for internal blinds has recently been amended to EN13120:2009+A1:2014 and now requires that new window blinds must be “safe by design” or supplied...[…]
Autumn Blinds
As the autumn months approach us and the days get shorter, there are many ways to make your home a little more welcoming for this period with English Blinds.[…]