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Choosing child safe window-blinds
Some simple safety information for parents who are considering buying new window blinds, covering the most important things you need to know.[…]
Inspirational shabby chic bedroom
If your instinctive response to that question is “God I hope not,” well this shabby chic article is actually the one for you.[…]
Home office with natural light and blinds
Why working from home might be sending you blind (no, not that): How to get the lighting right in your home office, and why it matters.[…]
Making older window blinds child safe
Do you have window blinds purchased prior to 2014? If so, they may not meet the latest criteria for child safety. Fortunately, this is an easy fix.[…]
Another blog about blinds
Announcing our newly-revamped blog. Discover useful insights, information and guidance on all things blinds along with style trends and all things home décor.[…]
buying energy efficient window-blinds
As energy prices continue to be on the increase, the need to not just become “greener” but also keep our gas and electric bills lower is becoming more and more...[…]