Aztec-inspired patterned roller blinds in a colour-matched bedroom

There are a few aspects to this, and obviously matching your blinds to your décor depends on what you want to achieve; and whether you’re retrofitting blinds to go with an established room and design, or redecorating/starting with a blank slate that your blinds and décor as a whole are all intended to refresh.

This blog post will suggest what to consider when it comes to matching blinds to your house, and why.

Make sure your house is styled how you want it

Luxury wooden blinds with coordinating ladder tapes in a modern home

First up, if you’re picking your blinds last to match existing décor or are looking for blinds to match what’s going on already, you will want to ensure that the blinds are cohesive with the way your house is styled; but be sure first that you’re happy with the way your house is styled!

If you’re not keen on your existing décor or overall design theme, doubling down on this by picking blinds to match it and that by nature, you’re also not going to absolutely love then, is hardly going to improve matters; and will just mean spending more money on something that’s not really going to rock your boat.

If you’re lukewarm about the design or décor of one room or your house as a whole, maybe investing in blinds shouldn’t be top of the list at this point.

Decide if you want a cohesive theme throughout

Green leaf patterned roller blinds in green and white living room

Are you styling each room’s blinds individually, or going for different looks across the home? It is important for some people that all of the blinds match from outside of the home, or perhaps simply on the upstairs and downstairs respectively, or at the front of the house.

There’s no rule that all of your blinds have to look the same from outside, but decide if this is something you want to achieve or not. If this is important to you, bear in mind that you can get say, roller blinds or Roman blinds that look the same on the back/outside-facing side, whilst potentially having very different colours and designs on the inside-facing part of the operation.

Get functionality considerations out of the way before you start styling

Lime green waterproof PVC roller blinds in a luxury modern kitchen

Look at the sort of functionality you will want or need for blinds in various rooms before you start matching things, or deciding what you want to do in terms of styling. For instance, you will almost certainly want to choose waterproof blinds for kitchens and bathrooms, which means ruling out Roman blinds, wooden blinds, day and night blinds, and the polyester versions of roller and vertical blinds for such rooms.

This impacts on not just the matching process in the rooms in question, but if you do want your blinds to look the same across every room, for the other rooms too.

Similarly, you may need to filter light or choose blinds that can be angled/adjusted to control the light and enable privacy in some rooms; which comes with the same considerations for the sort of styles of blinds you can consider as the above, particularly if you want to style your home the same across every room.

Take into account the era of your house and the surrounding area it is in

Luxury floral roman blinds in traditional sitting room

If your house is a traditional or period properly, vertical or day and night blinds will probably look a little odd within this context, as they’re modern in both style and era. Similarly, if your home is very modern and/or part of a new development, a classical pattern on a Roman blind might appear a bit incongruous.

The interior style of your home is far more important when matching blinds than the outside; but the outside of your home and the area it is in impacts upon this too.

Match your blinds to your personal taste, the tone of the room, and simply what you like

Beige vertical blinds in a large luxury dining room window

Finally then, how do I match my blinds to my house when I’ve done all of that? Ensure they reflect your personal taste, the tone of the room (warm or cool respectively) and are something that you actively like! That’s pretty much it.

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