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Transform your living space from drab to fab with our luxurious collection of made-to-measure living room blinds. Whether you're looking for contemporary chic, cosy and snug, bold and bright or vintage charm, we have a wide range of designs to suit all types of living rooms and budgets. Handmade in the UK using the finest, fabrics, woods and materials, our custom-made living room window blinds are the perfect way to bring style, shade and functionality to your windows.

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Versatile, stylish, and available in the widest range of colour and pattern choices, roller blinds for living rooms enable you to fine-tune the mood and ambience your lounge. Roller blinds in thermally efficient blackout fabrics can also help you to reduce your heating bills; and they are a great choice for large windows or for particularly wide lounge windows too.

Sustainably forested wooden blinds offer all of the practicality and convenience of Venetian blinds, with the natural beauty of real wood. Whether you’re looking for window treatments with a rustic edge, shabby chic blinds to create a soft, romantic atmosphere, or simply a stylish, minimalistic feeling crafted from eco-friendly materials, wood blinds are the perfect choice.

Thermally efficient blackout blinds for living rooms can actually reduce your energy bills, as well as keeping rooms that overheat in the summer a little more tolerably cool! Custom-made blackout blinds for lounges and sitting rooms come in a vast array of colours and patterns, whether you’re too cool for school or have more traditional interior design tastes.

Vertical blinds are great for patio doors, French windows and wide or long windows. This is one of the reasons they’re popular as living room blinds. Their louvres can be rotated with great precision to allow you to control the light, and to allow you to see out without showing the neighbours what ’s on your Sunday roast in rooms that are overlooked!

Roman blinds for living rooms; they’re the ones you choose if you’re not so much keeping up with the Joneses, but actually are the Joneses. Think of Roman blinds as the influencers of the blinds world; they’re shamelessly opulent and undeniably stylish without the need for ostentation, their prestige is innate, and their quality and craftsmanship speaks for itself.

Venetian blinds are a contemporary choice as well as being ever-popular in modern, on-trend living rooms. They’re minimalistic and unfussy, and yet still available in a huge inventory of colours and finishes, making Venetians the understated heroes of the blinds world. They offer excellent lighting and privacy control, thanks to their adjustable slats.

What are the best blinds for a living room?

You probably spend a lot of time in your living room (or sitting room, or lounge, depending on what part of the country you’re from and what term you use for “the room that the telly lives in,”) and if you have visitors over, this is probably the first room they will see too.

This means that for most of us, picking the best blinds for a living room means taking into account a number of factors, including the style and the theme of your room, what mood you want to create there, and what you want your interior design choices to say about you to the people you invite over!

The best blinds for a living room need to tick a few boxes then, but this can be variable depending on what you’re after. If your living room has large windows or even patio doors opening onto a balcony or, uh, an actual patio, thermally efficient blackout blinds might be a good pick, to help to conserve heat in winter and prevent the room from overheating during the summer.

Roller blinds are a sound choice if you want the widest possible range of colour and pattern choices but aren’t worried about having a fine degree of control over the light and privacy, as roller blinds have two basic settings: “up” and “down” respectively. There’s also of course “somewhere in the middle,” for all of you renegades out there who like colouring outside of the lines and/or annoying your other half.

Roller blinds are available in a wide range of blackout fabrics too, perfect for that middle-of-the-day Netflix binge without glare; and “dim out” roller blinds are another option to allow you to see what’s happening on the tellybox without blinking your way out of the living room like a mole-person a couple of hours later.

Real wood or faux wood blinds are a solid choice for living rooms if you’re looking to create a natural, modern, rustic, or nautical feeling in your main reception room, to name just a few applications. Wooden blinds are obviously a great match for living rooms that have wooden furniture, and our full range of sustainably forested real wooden window blinds is extensive enough to ensure we have a match for more or less any wood other than the really rare outliers like Iroko or Agar.

(See you on the other side of Google. I’ll wait…)

Aluminium Venetian blinds and wooden blinds alike offer a high degree of control over the light and privacy the blind allows for, which is great for many reasons including using the living room at different times of the day or if the room also doubles as your home office, or where the kids do their homework (or pretend to).

If your main priority when picking living room blinds is that they need to be absolute showstoppers, Roman blinds are the first and last word in high-status lounge chic, and are absolutely positively definitely guaranteed to have your visitors feeling interior design envy when they come over.

Roman blinds put many people in mind of stately homes, palaces, and grand designs – all environments that they are indeed more than comfortable within – but they don’t get imposter syndrome in smaller homes in regular suburban, urban, or rural spaces either.

Roman blinds can be styled along the full spectrum from very classical, traditional fabrics through to modern, abstract, and contemporary designs quite effectively, so don’t rule them out just because the first line of your address isn’t suffixed with “manor” or “hall,” nor think of Roman blinds for living rooms as a one trick pony or “not for the likes of us.”

Choose your free living room blind fabric samples, and find your perfect match

We know that making the right choice when you’re ready to buy living room window blinds is a fairly highly loaded endeavour. This is why we’re more than happy to provide you with free fabric samples (in a large enough size to show the whole pattern, where relevant) at absolutely no cost to you; we don’t even ask for postage!

Follow our handy guides and discover how to measure for living room blinds and how to install living room blinds, to ensure your blinds fit perfectly.

Living Room Blinds FAQs

How do I choose blinds for my living room?

When choosing blinds for your living room, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. How much light control do you need? Sunny south-facing windows may require blackout blinds, whilst north-facing ones may only require light-filtering options. Think about privacy too - do you live on a busy street or have neighbours overlooking your living room? Choose blackout fabrics for complete seclusion or vertical and Venetian-style blinds for privacy whilst still allowing light into the room.
Consider style and budget. Window blinds come in various types of materials such as real wood, faux wood, fabric, and aluminium. Choose the material that best complements your living room's décor. Keep in mind that real wood and soft fabric Roman blinds tend to be more expensive whilst faux wood, aluminium and fabric roller blinds are more budget-friendly options.

Should I put blinds or curtains in the living room?

Curtains are a great way to add a touch of softness, elegance and a sense of drama, but for practicality and versatility, blinds win out. Window blinds give you effortless control over sunlight, privacy and shade. Their low maintenance, ease of cleaning and wide variety of styles and designs, make finding the perfect match for your living room a breeze. You can always have the best of both worlds, layering blinds with curtains for ultimate light control and sumptuous styling. Ultimately, the choice is yours - let your personal preference and your living room's unique personality guide you.

Do you need blackout blinds in the living room?

No, not all living room blinds need blackout blinds. If you enjoy lots of natural light and the view outside, light-filtering blinds are generally a more suitable option. If, however, you want to darken the room for movie marathons or epic gaming sessions, blackout blinds are the ideal solution. They have other benefits too; they give you total privacy and can help save energy by insulating your home, making for snug and cosy winter nights and cooler, more comfortable summers. Plus, they block harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture, flooring, and furnishings from fading.

Are blinds OK for the living room?

Yes, window blinds are an excellent choice for living rooms. They offer superb light control and privacy and come in a wide variety of colours, styles and designs, so there’s something to suit all types of living room décor. They also help regulate your room’s temperature by creating a thermal barrier at the windows thereby reducing heat gain or loss. You can also combine them with curtains for a truly sumptuous look and feel.

What type of window blinds are fashionable?

Fashionable window blinds include faux wood blinds for their contemporary looks and practicality. Real wooden blinds for their natural beauty and warmth. Roller blinds offer style and simplicity in a wide range of colours and patterns. Roman blinds are always fashionable and a classic way to bring a touch of luxury to your décor. For larger windows, vertical blinds provide practical light and privacy control in a variety of styles.

Inspiration Gallery

Luxury white wooden blinds with tapes in modern cream living room

White floral roller blinds in a modern fresh white living room

Black wooden blinds in the bay window of a stylish cream living room

Gold patterned roller blinds in a dark wood-panelled living room

Luxury hessian roman blinds in a traditional living room

Grey vertical blinds in a contemporary grey and white living room

Luxury grey wooden blinds with tapes in a contemporary living room

Luxury grey roller blinds in a traditional grey living room

Cream wooden venetian blinds in a plush high ceilinged living room

Luxury metallic copper roller blinds in a dark grey living room

Walnut wooden blinds in the bay window of a cream living room

Cream vertical blinds at the patio doors of a modern living room