Perforated Venetian Blinds

Bring contemporary styling and functionality to your windows with these luxurious perforated Venetian blinds. Their robust 25mm slats feature small holes or perforations that let natural light flood into your space whilst allowing you to enjoy the view outside and maintain privacy. Available in a fabulous choice of neutral base colours, they will blend seamlessly into any type of interior and keep your home or office feeling fresh, light and airy.

Constructed using high-quality components, luxury controls and high-grade aluminium, they're extremely durable and built to last. Their fully adjustable slimline slats provide easy and precise control over the level of sunlight and privacy in the room, allowing you to create the perfect balance of light and shade at the flick of a wrist.

What are the benefits of perforated Venetian blinds?

They offer enhanced light control. The perforations or small holes in the slats allow gently filtered light into your room whilst still proving shade. So, they're perfect for rooms that get lots of sunshine yet still require natural light such as the living room, kitchen or conservatory.

You also get to maintain your privacy. The small perforations give you a view outside with increased privacy inside. By adjusting the slats, you can further reduce or increase the level of privacy in the room.

Their lightweight aluminium slats mean we can make them in extra wide widths and long drops, making them ideal for larger windows.

They're incredibly easy to maintain. Their smooth finish means they're a breeze to dust and wipe clean.

They also help to reduce the build-up of heat during the hot summer months. Their perforations allow for air movement, which helps to keep the room cool and comfortable. Additionally, during the winter months, they allow sunlight to filter in keeping the room warm.