Office Blinds

When choosing office window blinds, price is often a factor and roller blinds tend to be one of the most economical choices. Office roller blinds are available in both blackout and dim out fabrics, which means they’re ideal if you use Zoom regularly and find that direct sun causes glare or obscures you entirely. However, they cannot filter the light as they don’t have slats or louvres.

The office blinds most of us are familiar with are vertical blinds; and this speaks to their longevity and durability as well as versatility. Vertical blinds have adjustable louvres that allow you to filter light and control privacy, and suit both standard windows and those that are very tall or wide. Office vertical blinds come in a huge range of colours these days too, not just white!

Wooden blinds are also a type of Venetian blind, and these are a great choice for your office if you’re looking to create a calm, natural, or minimalistic theme to reduce stress and boost productivity. Our wooden office blinds are crafted from sustainably forested natural wood, and once more have highly adjustable slats to enhance your privacy and allow you to filter the light.

Vertical blinds and roller blinds can both be made using blackout fabrics, which has a number of advantages for modern office blinds if you spend a lot of time on Zoom and find that controlling the light in the room can be an issue. Blackout vertical blinds and roller blinds give you a wide range of style and colour options to fit any type of office window.

Faux wood blinds are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, and are also excellent blinds for office windows. Price-wise they’re lower cost than real wooden blinds, and offer the same high level of control over privacy and lighting. If your office is actually the kitchen table at home, they are a good choice because they don’t warp from exposure to the steam and humidity.

Venetian blinds make for good office window blinds as their slats can be tilted to get the lighting just right, allowing you to filter the sun if it’s hitting your computer screen full-on but without blocking it out entirely. They can be found in a wide range of colours and finishes too, plus they provide a minimalistic, professional backdrop for your Zoom calls when closed.

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What do you need to consider when choosing home office window blinds?

The best blinds for office windows need to tick a number of boxes, regardless of whether that office is on the penthouse floor of a large corporate headquarters, or your dining room table surrounded by the remains of lunch!

That’s the other thing about home offices of course; they’re often not actually “offices” at all in the technical sense of the word, but are simply an area of your home that has been marshalled into performing double duty as your office and something else.

This means that the best blinds for home office windows need to remain sympathetic to the style and décor of your home, while also performing all of the functional purposes you need them to undertake too.

So, what are the main challenges of picking the right blinds for office and home offices? These might include things like:

  • Reducing screen glare.
  • Ensuring you can be seen properly on Zoom calls.
  • Allowing you to get enough natural light while also preventing passers-by from seeing what’s on your computer screen if your windows face directly onto the pavement outside.
  • You might also need to pick thermally efficient window blinds to insulate your office if the room you use takes a lot of effort to heat, or if its windows have a somewhat renegade attitude to keeping your utilities spend inside of the home rather than outside of it.
  • On the flipside, using a conservatory as your home office (or any other room that serves as a real sun trap) can be great during the colder months of the year to allow you to get some natural light.
    However, as soon as the weather warms up, a room like this can get so hot as to be uncomfortable at best and potentially outright impossible to work in at worst. This means that choosing office window blinds that are thermally efficient is again a good move, as they help to reduce overheating in summer as well as retaining heat in winter.

Finally, when it comes to your home office window blinds price point, budget might well be an important factor too. Good quality home office blinds shouldn’t be hugely expensive, but remember that when picking office blinds, price is only part of the story.

A couple of things to bear in mind if you’re already getting nervy about the cost before you even get as far as looking at office blinds for sale:

  • Bespoke-made home office blinds actually tend to cost not that much more than off-the-peg ones, and they’re also better quality; and you can measure up for them and install them yourself when they arrive without needing a diploma in DIY or any specialist tools.
  • Each of our product pages include simple instructions on measuring your windows for blinds before you order, and our bespoke-made home office blinds come with their own easy-to-follow installation instructions too.
    These are written by us right here in the UK (Solihull, to be exact) where we make our blinds in-house, rather than written in another language at an outsourced factory somewhere exotic and then fed through Google translate and copy/pasted!

What blinds are best for an office?

Looking for a cheat sheet on the best blinds for an office? Here’s the CliffsNotes.

  • Venetian blinds, wooden blinds, and faux-wooden blinds are all good for office windows as they allow you a high degree of control over their slats.
    You can have them fully open or fully closed, raised or lowered to the level of your choice, and vitally, you can tilt their slats to control how much of the room can be seen from outside, and to avoid glare and control the light with a high level of accuracy too.
  • Vertical blinds are a good pick for an office because their louvres can once more be tilted and adjusted, as well as being fully opened or closed.
    They suit windows of all sizes, but are a particularly smart choice for large windows (including patio doors, bay windows, and French windows) or windows that are very wide or tall.
  • Roller blinds cannot filter light precisely in the same venetian and vertical blinds do, but they can black it out more or less entirely if you choose office roller blinds with a blackout backing, or dim the light without turning the room pitch black if you pick a dim out roller blind. This means they’re often considered to be the best window blinds for Zoom calls.
  • Blackout blinds can be made in the above-mentioned roller option, and also in the form of vertical blinds too, which have the added advantage of adjustable louvres to allow for light filtering as well as setting to full blackout.
  • Blackout office blinds have merit for the obvious reasons if you need to say, avoid glare on Zoom or regularly use a projector.
  • If you choose thermally efficient office blackout blinds, these can also help to keep the room warm in winter and avoid overheating in summer.
  • Thermally efficient blackout blinds can also help to reduce your heating bills!
  • If your office is your home office and is actually the kitchen table or will otherwise be exposed to heat and humidity (such as if you have a combo kitchenette/living room, or will otherwise need your blinds to handle moisture and potentially heat) then PVC or vinyl blinds, or aluminium or faux-wood Venetian blinds, are all up to the challenge.
  • Finally, if you’re in the market for cheap office blinds or need to make sure the office blinds price you try to claim back on expenses isn’t going to cause Marion in Accounts to have a panic attack, roller blinds or vertical blinds are probably your best bet.

If you’re still not sure on the best choice of blinds for an office, just want to run your choices by us before you buy, looking for commercial blinds or need a bit of a pep talk on measuring your windows without making a grievous error before you commit to buying office blinds from us, we’re here to help.