Installation Guide for Roman Blinds

1) Fitting the Brackets

The brackets can be fitted in two different ways:

Roman blind face fix bracket

Face Fix

Roman blind top ceiling fix bracket

Top Fix

When positioning the brackets inside the window recess, make sure to allow for any obstructions such as window handles.

2) Installing the Blind

Situate the headrail on the bracket

Locate the front lip of the headrail into the front of the bracket.

Fix headrail into bracket

Push the front of the headrail inwards and the back of the headrail in an upwards direction until it locks into the back of the bracket.

Release headrail from bracket

If you need to release the blind from its brackets, push the front of the blind towards the window and then twist the back of the headrail in a downwards direction. Repeat for the rest of the brackets, ensuring the headrail is supported at the free end.

3) Child Safety

Child safety p clip fixing

The P-Clip chain tensioner must be fitted at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism to prevent the chain loop from becoming slack.

With the chain inside the P-Clip, position it on the wall making sure the chain is taut yet still able to move freely. Mark the screw hole(s) with a pencil and attach it to the wall with the fixings provide.

Please note it is a requirement in accordance with BS EN 13120 to install the P-Clip and the installer is liable to ensure child safety.

4) Operating the Blind

Operating a roman blind

To lower the blind pull downwards on the front part of the chain.

To raise the blind pull downwards on the rear part of the chain.

5) Additional Information

Removing the fabric for cleaning:

We always recommend dry cleaning roman blind fabrics.

Remove fabric from headrail velcro

At the front of the blind the fabric is attached to the headrail with Velcro. Simply take hold of the fabric and peel it away from the headrail.

Remove cord clips from back of fabric

At the back of the blind, the cords are attached to the fabric using detachable child safety clips. These are made up of two parts that can easily be pulled apart to release the cords from the fabric.