Installation Guide for Roller Blinds

1) Fitting the Brackets

The brackets can be fitted in three different ways:

Roller blind face fix bracket

Face Fix

Roller blind top ceiling fix bracket

Top Fix

Roller blind side wall fix bracket

Side Fix

2) Installing the Blind

Locate pin end into bracket

Holding the blind, locate the pin end into the central round hole of the corresponding bracket and push it in all the way.

Locate control end into bracket

With the pin end now in position, lift the control end and insert it into the opposite bracket ensuring the lugs click into their corresponding slots. Make sure the centre lug is in the vertical position.

3) Child Safety

Child safety p clip fixing

The P-Clip chain tensioner must be fitted at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism to prevent the chain loop from becoming slack.

With the chain inside the P-Clip, position it on the wall making sure the chain is taut yet still able to move freely. Mark the screw hole(s) with a pencil and attach it to the wall with the fixings provide.

Please note it is a requirement in accordance with BS EN 13120 to install the P-Clip and the installer is liable to ensure child safety.

4) Additional Information

Changing the roll direction of the fabric:

Standard roll

The fabric of our roller blinds can be rolled onto the tube in two different directions. ‘Standard’ Roll is where the fabric rolls down off the back of the tube so that it’s closest to the window or the wall. This is particularly useful when the blind is mounted outside of the window recess as there will be less light leakage.

Reverse roll

‘Reverse’ roll is where the fabric rolls down off the front of the tube thereby hiding the roll of fabric. This method gives added clearance at the back of the blind for obstructions such as window handles. This is particularly useful when the blind is fitted inside of the window recess.

How to reverse roll

To change the direction of the roll, simply pull on the chain until the fabric is rolled all the way down fully exposing the aluminium tube. Once all the way down, hold the bottom of the fabric by the bottom bar to keep it taut and then proceed to keep on rolling in the same direction until the fabric has rolled all the way up the other side of the tube. Note that doing this will now reverse the direction you will need to pull the control chain for lowering and raising the blind.

Changing the Control Handing:

Change control handing of roller blind

The controls will be positioned on the side you requested when you placed your order. If you wish to change them, simply pull them out of the tube and swap them around. Note that if you do this you will also have to swap the brackets around.

Easybreak child safety connector position

If your blind features a child safety chain connector instead of an endless loop, make sure it is positioned correctly before putting the control end back into the tube. For standard roll fabric, it needs to be positioned at the back of the loop (A). For reverse roll fabric, it needs to be positioned at the front of the loop (B). To do this, hold the control end and pull the chain round to the correct position as illustrated.