Wood Effect from £23.50
Metallic from £19.50
Perforated from £21.50
Grey, Black & White from £19.50
Brown, Beige & Cream from £19.50
Orange & Red from £19.50
Lilac & Pink from £19.50
Blue from £19.50
Green from £19.50
Yellow from £19.50
Patterned from £21.50

Luxury Venetian Blinds by English Blinds

Enjoy browsing our beautiful collection of colours and styles and utilise our free sample request facility which enables you to make the perfect choice from our wide range of made to measure venetian blinds. Manufactured using high quality components throughout, these luxury blinds are an extremely practical and timeless way to dress your windows.

Not only do our aluminium venetian blinds look fantastic, whether in a traditional or contemporary room setting, they are an extremely efficient way to filter and control the sunlight entering a room. This is due to the fact that the horizontal slats can be tilted to almost any angle, which also means you have complete control over the amount of privacy you require. They are ideal for creating a clean and modern look at any window of your home or office.

Our stunning collection of high quality venetian blinds are available for you to buy online at discount prices and come in a wide range of stylish designs and finishes.

Venetian Blind

Made to Measure Venetian Blinds

Our bespoke aluminium blinds are available in a comprehensive selection of colours, textures and finishes including perforated, metallic, silver, pearlescent, soft sheen, matt, gloss, wood effect and patterned designs, allowing you create the look you require and compliment your furnishings perfectly. Whether you are looking for a contrasting or co-ordinating design for your interior decor we have some luxury aluminium blinds to suit any style of home and blend in beautifully to the room’s colour scheme.

They are also very resistant to water making them the perfect choice for humid environments such as the bathroom, kitchen or a shower room. Easy to clean, just dust them regularly or wipe them down with a damp cloth. Operation is also very easy, there is a cord to raise and lower the blind and a nylon wand that you simply twist to alter the angle of the slats, making our venetian blinds an extremely functional window treatment.

This timeless style of window dressing is renowned for being durable, very practical and contemporary in design but with a classical feel. They are an incredibly versatile way of controlling the sun light entering a room, allowing you to protect you furniture and furnishings whilst still keeping the room as light as you require. The elegant clean lines of our luxury venetian blinds makes them the ideal choice for an ultra-modern kitchen, a home office or a contemporary interior, as well as a more traditional room setting. They are perfect for creating a wonderful ambiance and mood in any room and will beautifully enhance their surrounds. They are a truly timeless and practical way to dress the windows of any home or office.

All of our beautiful metal blinds are supplied direct with all the necessary fittings and fixtures allowing you to have your new shades adorning your windows in no time. Each and every blind features its own lightweight and durable horizontal overlapping aluminium slats, heavy duty tilt rods, crash proof cord locks and long life bevel tilt gears to create a truly high quality product. With colour co-ordinating head rails, slats, lift cords, ladder tapes and bottom bars as you would expect for a luxury blind. Should you decide you require a slightly different combination of features which is not listed, such as extra wide venetian blinds, then please contact us and our experienced team will be happy to work with you to find a suitable solution.

These beautiful blinds really do offer you a fantastic variety of lighting and privacy controlled options. This is facilitated by the two controls used to operate the blind. There is a cord to control the height and a plastic wand to precisely control the angle of the horizontal slats. This gives you complete control of the amount of light that enters your home. To make sure you enjoy seamless operation of your venetian blinds for years to come, it is always worth ensuring that the slats are in the open position when the blinds are lowered or raised for ease of operation and longevity.

Our wonderfully versatile venetian blinds are not only great for moist environments like the kitchen or bathroom, they also lend themselves extremely well to the conservatory, office, patio doors, dining or living room.