Installation Guide for Venetian Blinds

1) Fitting the Brackets

The brackets can be fitted in two different ways:

Venetian blind face fix

Face Fix

Venetian blind top fix

Top Fix

When positioning the brackets inside the window recess, make sure to allow for any obstructions such as window handles.

Bracket position and spacing

Ensure the outermost brackets are situated 3cm from the ends of the headrail.

Centre bracket position and spacing

Any additional brackets should be distributed evenly across the width of the blind, ensuring they do not obstruct any moving parts inside the headrail.

2) Installing the Blind

Situate headrail on bracket

Locate the front lip of the headrail into the front of the bracket.

Fix headrail into bracket

Push the front of the headrail inwards and the back of the headrail in an upwards direction until it locks into the back of the bracket.

4) Child Safety

Breakaway Safety Tassel

Breakaway cord pull

A breakaway safety tassel comes pre-fitted to the lift cords, so when a horizontal force is applied to the cords entering the tassel, it will safely break apart thereby eliminating any hazardous loops.

Child safe breakaway pull cord reconnect

If the safety tassel becomes separated:

Firstly, untwist and untangle the cords.

If the blind features 2 cords: press the tassel together until it is fully closed.

If the blind features 3 or more cords: Place the loose cord(s) into the opening in one half of the tassel and press the tassel together until it is fully closed.

If you have any doubts that the tassel has not been re-attached correctly, you can test it by placing your arm between the cords and pressing downwards. The tassel should break apart with minimal force.

Cord Safety Cleat

The safety cleat needs to be installed as close as possible to the headrail and in all cases not less than 1500mm from the floor. The cords must be fully wrapped around the safety cleat(s) when the blind is not in use. Refer to the table below to determine the distance required between the cleats to fully accumulate the cords when the blind is completely raised up.

Drop of Blind   *Distance between cord cleats (centre to centre)
1 - 1000mm   100mm
1001 - 2000mm   150mm
2001 - 3000mm   300mm
Place the safety cleat in the desired position on the wall and mark the positions of the holes with a pencil.
Distance between cord cleats
With the hole positions marked, drill as required and use the screws provided to attach the safety cleat to the wall.
Attach safety cleat to the wall
Wrap the cords around the cord cleats in a figure of 8. When the cords are fully accumulated, ensure they are secure so that when any cord is pulled, no excess cord is released.
Wrap cords around cleats