Pinoleum Blinds


A beautiful range of ready made bamboo pinoleum style roman blinds. They are available in a choice of ten colours and two different styles of weave. Come supplied with an integral valance and colour coordinated bottom bar, cord and tassel as standard.


Fabulous range of very high quality natural pinoleum style woven wood blinds. A collection of exotic woods and bamboos that filter light into your room, creating a calm, soothing ambiance. Specially selected from managed sustainable forests around the world.


Stunning range of genuine Ballauff™ French pinoleum blinds available to buy online in a wide range of bamboo weaves and designs. Choose from either roll up or roman style. Also available in custom paint finishes including Farrow & Ball paints. Contact us for details.

High Quality Genuine French Pinoleum Blinds

Beautiful collection of hand crafted environmentally friendly genuine Ballauff™ French pinoleum blinds available to buy online at discount prices. With a stunning range of high quality pinoleum weaves, designs and styles to choose from, along with a choice of either co-ordinating or contrasting side tapes and two blind styles, roll up blind style and roman bamboo style, there is a blind to suit any interior décor. Made to measure pinoleum blinds are the ideal way to bring a real feel and look of nature to the windows of your home. They offer a stylish and timeless appeal along with a beautiful dappled lighting effect, which produces a truly relaxing and soothing natural atmosphere.

Our eco-friendly original French pinoleum blinds are also available in hand painted custom paint finishes, using water based paints from Dulux and Farrow & Ball. Allowing you to perfectly co-ordinate with your conservatory or room colour scheme, and create a stylish, classic and truly unique blind. Just specify the colour you require and we will do the rest. Contact us with your requirements.

Also known as plantation blinds or colonial blinds, pinoleum works extremely well as a natural insulator and has excellent solar and shading properties. Providing moderate privacy, depending on the density and tightness of the weave, and gently filtered light. Allowing you to conserve heat, control temperature and dramatically reduce the amount of sunlight without completely blocking the light out. This is particularly effective in a conservatory, orangery, garden room or sunroom. Pinoleum conservatory blinds create a very natural look and feel, whilst protecting you and your furnishings from the effects of direct sunlight.

Ballauff™ have been manufacturing the original pinoleum blind woven fabric since 1872 at its factory just outside of Paris. As the inventor of the pinoleum blind, they have continued to develop better ways of producing the reeds, bamboo, rattan, sea grass and jute, and new methods of weaving them to produce a truly stunning range of classis designs. With over 30 varieties of bamboo grasses and many different finishes, their variety and versatility means they can be processed to produce a beautifully woven, almost textile finish.

The environmental effects involved in the production of original Ballauff™ French pinoleum are taken very seriously indeed and as such all hardwoods and timber come from sustainable forests and sources that have either, OLB, PEFC or FSC certification. Grasses and bamboos are also harvested in a different way. If left alone the growth of bamboo will slow down, but if harvested and cut regularly it actually flourishes and grows faster. They are also fully treated with fungicides and insecticides before being shipped to ensure that the finished pinoleum blinds will arrive in perfect condition.

The original bois-tiss, or woven pinoleum roller blinds and pinoleum roman blinds were thin reeds of hardwood woven and stitched together, whilst the more modern and contemporary weaves and designs produce finishes that combine hemp, jute, hard grasses, sea grasses, bamboo and fabric. Utilising these different materials and colour combinations means that a wide range of beautifully natural and stylish window blinds and shades can be produced that will enhance any interior design scheme. Particularly when the natural reed tones are combined with the red, brown and green reeds to create truly stunning patterns that will give any window a highly individual feel and look.

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