Clearance Wooden Blinds

Discounted Made to Measure Wooden Blinds

Create eye catching natural furnishings at any window of your home with our stylish collection of cheap priced wooden blinds. With the popularity of faux wood and wood venetian blinds ever on the increase due to their practicality and inherent natural beauty, we have extended our range of gorgeous wood finishes to include deep grains as well as some fabulously contemporary gloss finishes.

This beautiful range of cheap wooden blinds is only cheap in price. Unlike cheap readymade wooden blinds that you have to trim to size yourself, each one is made to measure to fit perfectly at the window. They are manufactured to the highest standards using only high quality components and woods ensuring they will look wonderful and give trouble free operation for many years.

Practical and timeless, our discount wooden blinds add a feeling of both elegance and warmth to any room of the home. They also offer fantastic control over the amount of light entering a room, particularly useful in room where you need to reduce the glare of the sun. The horizontal slats can be tilted to almost any angle, to allow only a small amount of light in during hot summer days to help keep you cool, and during the winter you can allow more sunlight into the room to help keep you warm. They are an extremely effective energy efficient windows treatment, and an ideal way to control the amount of privacy you require in a room.

Note: These are not cheap quality wood blinds, they are quality made blinds that we offer at online sale prices. Each blind is supplied with a colour matched sculpted pelmet, fitting instructions, all the necessary fittings and fixings, a three year guarantee and child safety features for complete peace of mind.