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Bring elegance and style to your homes décor with our luxurious collection of fabric blinds. They're the ideal way to create a soft and sumptuous look at any window. Not just beautiful to look at, they're also an extremely versatile and practical window dressing offering excellent control over both light and shade.

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Made to Measure Fabric Window Blinds

Our beautiful collection of high-quality, made-to-measure fabric blinds offers a wide variety of options to enhance the look of any home. Each fabric has been specially selected for its quality, style and durability, making it easy to find the perfect match for your interior décor. They’re the perfect way to create a soft and sumptuous look at any window. Whether you’re looking for a simple, soothing and elegant design or a bold and striking pattern to make a big statement, our stylish selection has a fabric to suit every taste.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, fabric window blinds are in many cases a more practical choice over curtains. They’re easier to maintain and can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth and warm soapy water, unlike curtains which have to be taken down and usually dry-cleaned. In addition, many of our fabrics are specially coated to offer extra protection from spills and dirt and fading caused by solar glare. Some are even dust-repellent and offer protection from moisture, as well as being washable and wipeable.

Our gorgeous range of fabric roller blinds is available in a wide selection of both plain and patterned fabric designs. Not only do they look fabulous, they also offer excellent control over the amount of privacy and light you require, particularly if you select a blind from our huge range of blackout fabrics. From colourful vivid tones to soft and inviting neutral hues in light and dark shades, alongside some beautiful floral designs, there is a fabric to enhance all the windows of your home and blend seamlessly with your interior colour scheme.

Fabric Roman blinds offer a softer more opulent option. They’re a sumptuous alternative to more traditional window dressings such as voiles and net curtains. Our sophisticated range of designer soft fabrics is quite simply gorgeous. With a choice of vintage striped fabrics, ultra-contemporary bold patterns, alongside some extremely striking on-trend designs that combine nature with geometric patterns, enabling you to create a truly lavish look in any room.

Chic, modern and extremely functional, vertical fabric blinds are the most practical solution to sunlight and privacy control, whilst still offering the comfort and luxury that fabric has to offer. If you’re not so keen on the harder look that wood and aluminium Venetians offer, vertical louvre fabric blinds are the perfect choice if you require the same amount of flexibility but with a much softer look and feel that comes with fabric. Fabric designs range from traditional to contemporary and include textured and funky patterned designs.