Waterproof faux wood blinds in bathroom

What type of blinds are most durable? Under normal usage conditions, good quality made to measure blinds of any type should last for well over a decade under normal/appropriate usage conditions and when operated correctly. Readymade ones will be far less durable in general.

The whole “normal/appropriate usage conditions and when operated correctly” thing might seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning for context that if you use the wrong blind for the conditions it will face, it won’t last as long as it should and may well stop working properly before you’d reasonably expect it to.

This sort of issue mainly pertains to using blinds made of the wrong fabric in humid or moist environments, or those that may bring them into contact with water; i.e., kitchens and bathrooms. Waterproof blinds are essential for rooms like these, and if you use non-waterproof blinds in such environments, they are apt to be exiting the pitch and taking an early bath (see what I did there) far faster than they would if used in the appropriate environment.

However, in terms of what type of blind would be the Seong Gi-hun of window blind Squid Game, or which would be the last blind hanging if we employed a row of folks to operate one of each type of blind all day long indefinitely until they each fell apart, this blog post will tell you.

If, on the other hand, you want to know what type of blinds are most durable in terms of their capacity to withstand rough treatment or a life in close proximity to handsy kids, check out my other blog post on what blinds do not break easily instead.

What type of blinds are most durable when used appropriately?

Ok so just to be clear on my “when used appropriately” caveat here, I mean, using the blind in the right environment (for instance, not trying to use a non-waterproof blind in a bathroom or kitchen) and operating it regularly/frequently but in the normal manner, rather than being unduly rough with it or pulling it about.

You should never have to be overly delicate about how you handle the controls of your blind, but nor would you expect them to live a long and happy life if you were needlessly rough with them either.

Another point to note is that blinds of all types last for much longer if you clean them regularly, which takes less than a minute in most cases, and just requires dusting them off and operating them every week or so if they’re otherwise left in situ, so that the mechanisms don’t get stiff or furred with dust.

Also, any type of made-to-measure blind should realistically go at least eight years before showing signs of wear, and at least ten before it may begin to develop functional issues. Most blinds will exceed these figures by quite a ways; which in many cases, moots the whole “what type of blinds are most durable” question entirely, as you’ll quite possibly have got bored of them and redecorated long before they actually begin to fail.

Moving on then, which type of blinds are most durable? I’ll cover all of the different types and their pros and cons below.

How durable are faux-wood blinds?

White faux wood blinds in living room

In my opinion, faux-wood blinds are the most durable and resilient type of blind overall, because they’re both incredibly sturdy and also waterproof. It takes a lot to damage them or cause them to fail; either functionally of cosmetically.

Just about the only kryptonite to faux-wood blinds’ Superman is the fact that their slats may warp if exposed to high heat, being in the region of 50 degrees Celsius or more; I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit, but as an approximate guide, it’s pretty much an “everyone out, the house is on fire” kind of temperature.

How durable are PVC roller blinds?

Pink floral patterned waterproof PVC roller blinds in bathroom

I’ve mentioned PVC roller blinds specifically as being a hair more durable than either the vinyl or polyester alternatives, but there’s really not much in it. PVC roller blinds are waterproof, fire resistant (no judgement on your cooking prowess but you know, just in case you’re in the market for kitchen blinds) and uncomplicated in design.

This means there’s not a lot that can actually go wrong with them, and even if they get splashed with water or spattered with Bolognese sauce or similar more or less every day, they can just be wiped clean and will continue to keep going for years.

Just about the only real threat to the longevity of a PVC roller blind is if the fabric was cut or ripped, which is not common as it is not a material that frays.

How durable are vertical blinds?

Grey patterned waterproof PVC vertical blinds in bathroom

Some people’s instinctive reaction to vertical blinds is “urgh,” which is usually because they’ve been staring at an ancient set in their office for as long as they (and their father, and his father before him) have worked there. This might be off-putting enough to require some significant effort on my part trying to encourage buyers to rethink vertical blinds; but it also speaks to their durability too.

Vertical blinds can be made in waterproof fabrics, but all versions of them are really tough, far more so than they might at first appear given all of the louvres, weights, and connecting chain.

Operationally they’re very simple, and really the only significant threat to them comes from someone or something trying to pass through the closed louvres (such as kids or dogs might attempt on patio door vertical blinds), which can snap the connecting chain at the bottom and even potentially pull one or more louvres down by snapping the hook holding it up.

In terms of what type of blinds are most durable in normal operation and leaving what-ifs and obvious potential causes of damage like this aside, vertical blinds are often the longest-living blinds of all and are certainly very durable.

How durable are aluminium Venetian blinds?

Black aluminium venetian blinds in kitchen

Aluminium Venetian blinds are waterproof, won’t rust or warp, and are very robust even when operated twice daily for years and years. If you manhandle their slats though, they might bend or dent; but operationally, they’re highly reliable.

How durable are real wooden blinds?

Dark wenge wooden blinds in living room

Wood is a sturdy natural product, and while you could potentially snap one of the slats of a wooden blind if you were very strong and got a good enough angle, this is not the sort of thing that usually happens by accident!

One thing to note is that real wood blinds are not waterproof, and so if they’re exposed to moisture or humidity regularly (such as if they’re hung close to a window that condensates a lot even if the room itself is dry) they will potentially get water stains and even begin to soften or rot.

How durable are Roman blinds?

Blue boat patterned luxury roman blinds

Finally, Roman blinds are high-end blinds that are made of top quality and often, specialist fabrics. This means that they are made to last, but also that said fabric may be delicate, intricately woven, or embroidered, and in danger of damage if pulled around, scratched, (by a cat) or exposed to moisture.

It is also important to dust Roman blinds regularly and not to leave them in the same position for weeks without opening or closing them, to avoid dust gathering in the tops of the layers and/or the fabric fading unevenly over the very long term.

Functionally, Roman blinds are very robust and durable, and as the top-end blind in any seller’s range, actually designed to last for longer than most other types of blinds with appropriate care!

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