Lime green washable PVC roller blinds in luxury modern kitchen

Can you get washable roller blinds? Well, roller blinds of all types can be cleaned and potentially, washed with varying degrees of thoroughness, which largely depends on the material that the roller blind is made of.

Read on for advice on how to wash roller blinds, and the limitations you need to factor in when it comes to doing this.

Can you get washable roller blinds?

Waterproof roller blinds made of either vinyl or PVC can be washed with more vigour (and more water/detergent) than polyester roller blinds, which will absorb water to their detriment; albeit you’ll rarely need to think about washing roller blinds at all.

Generally, washable roller blinds or waterproof roller blinds are used in bathrooms and kitchens, and it is roller blinds in kitchens that are most likely to need washing semi-regularly.

This is because blinds in kitchens need to deal with not just water vapour or humidity in the air but also potentially vapourised cooking fats, and depending on where your window is (or how messy a cook you are), direct contact with things like pasta sauce and other foodstuffs.

All types of roller blinds do enjoy a light dusting every couple of weeks to keep their header rails from getting furry, and to prevent dust from building up on other horizontal parts if they’re left in one position for long periods of time. However, neither waterproof roller blinds in bathrooms (which are also washable roller blinds) nor non-waterproof polyester roller blinds are likely to need more intensive cleaning and care than this.

Can roller blinds be washed if they’re not waterproof?

Waterproof and so, washable roller blinds made of PVC or vinyl are usually used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet/humid environments, but the majority of roller blinds used in other rooms tend to be made of polyester.

Polyester roller blinds aren’t waterproof and so, can’t be washed in the same way as waterproof roller blinds can, as they will absorb moisture and can be challenging to dry, as well as risking damage/shrinkage/discolouration of their fabric.

It’s unusual/uncommon for polyester roller blinds to get mucky to the point that they might need washing, other than if hung in a room tenanted by a heavy smoker, or used by children that are a bit fling-y with food, drinks, or craft materials.

In any of these specific scenarios, I would advise choosing waterproof or washable roller blinds to ensure that they can be cleaned/washed effectively, to prevent staining, and in the case of blinds hung in smoky rooms, to avoid the fabric of the blind hanging on to the smell of smoke.

Polyester roller blinds are not washable in the strictest sense of the term – by which I mean, I advise against drenching them in hot, soapy water. But you can wipe them down occasionally with an ever-so-slightly damp cloth, as long as you dry them off thoroughly (by extending the blind fully and if needed, using a hairdryer on a low heat setting on them) afterwards.

Can roller blinds be machine washed?

Can roller blinds machine washed? No, this isn’t something I’d recommend! You can’t wash roller blinds in a washing machine whether the blind is waterproof or not, firstly because the fabric part of the blind is attached to a tube, which won’t go into the machine in the first place.

Even if this wasn’t the case, you can’t machine wash polyester roller blinds for all of the same reasons as you can’t wash them off while they’re in situ; and when it comes to waterproof roller blinds made of PVC or vinyl, these would almost certainly become warped, damaged, or potentially shrink in a machine wash, even on a low heat setting.

Can roller blinds be washed in the bath?

Can roller blinds be washed in the bath if they’re waterproof? Possibly, if you’re keen to take the whole array down or are struggling to clean it while in situ. Polyester roller blinds, however, should not be washed in the bath as once more, this will damage them.

For step-by-step instructions on how to wash roller blinds in the bath (and general advice on cleaning roller blinds) check out this blog post.

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