Man’s hands fitting vertical blinds

Yes, literally anyone can successfully fit or hang vertical blinds themselves, without any DIY experience or specialist skills.

In this blog post I will tell you exactly how easy hanging vertical blinds is, what tools you need to do it, and why hanging your blinds yourself is pretty much the only logical way to go.

Can you fit your own vertical blinds instead of hiring a professional?

Yes! In fact, vertical blinds are designed to be hung DIY-style by the householder themselves, and they come with really simple instructions in plain English to allow you to do just this. Well, ours do anyway, but hanging vertical blinds is more or less the same regardless of where you buy them from.

You will in fact often struggle to hire someone to hang blinds for you, as this is no longer considered to be a specialist profession.

General handypersons are usually reluctant to take on tasks like this, as hanging a single blind (even if it’s your first time) is likely to take under half an hour from the moment you pick up the instructions to the moment you crack open a beer and pat yourself on the back for your leet blinds-hanging skills.

This means that for a professional, taking on a job like this doesn’t tend to be worth their while; which means that if you can find someone willing to hang your blinds for you at all, they’re probably going to charge a disproportionately high rate for this.

Is it hard to install vertical blinds, and what tools do you need for it?

Installing vertical blinds is honestly really easy, even if you’re the type that falls at the first hurdle when it comes to constructing Ikea flatpacks, which to be fair, are pretty much the devil.

So, what do you need to get going, and is it hard? To install vertical blinds you just need a screwdriver, drill, tape measure, and a bit of common sense. If you get someone to help you, even this latter is kind of optional…. So no, it’s not hard at all, and the idea of hanging your own vertical blinds should definitely not give you anxiety.

Can you fit your own vertical blinds on very tall or large windows?

Extra wide cream textured vertical blinds in modern kitchen

Yes, the principles of hanging bigger blinds and what you need to do to achieve this is exactly the same as for smaller blinds – you might just need to do it more times, i.e., fit a couple of additional brackets to ensure the blind’s structural integrity.

Extra large vertical blind headrails can be made in sections, so you’re very unlikely to get into difficulties by trying to wave a heavy or unwieldy eight-foot length of track around over your head, and the louvres themselves are hung individually, once more resulting in no weight issues.
This means that in terms of the muscle required for the job, you’re highly unlikely to actually need a second person to help, although if you’re up a stepladder hanging the blind, a body on the ground to pass you things can be very handy.

How easy is it to fit vertical blinds?

So, how easy is it? To fit vertical blinds you literally just need to be able to follow four simple steps (five if you honestly feel that you need direction on how to operate the blind when it is up too) that we’ve outlined as clearly as succinctly as possible here; complete with pictures.

Hopefully, giving this a quick read over if you’re lairy of ordering will embolden you to go ahead; and if not, then the challenges of finding a paid professional who is willing to take on this superfast task for you and the disproportionate sort of price that they’re apt to charge for doing so surely will!

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