Willow patterned blackout roller blind in kitchen diner

Are roller blinds durable? Yes, assuming that you buy good quality made to measure ones; these can be expected to last for at least ten years in good working and cosmetic order. In fact, many people actually change their roller blinds way before they ever begin to malfunction or look scruffy, just because they fancy a change or are redecorating in a different style!

The above statements apply to good quality made to measure roller blinds only, however; when it comes to readymade or off the peg roller blinds that are often designed to be cut to size at home, these don’t last for anywhere near as long, and generally two years would be considered a realistic timeframe to keep them without needing to consider replacement.

This is worth bearing in mind, because for the rest of this blog post I’ll be talking strictly about made to measure roller blinds when I talk about roller blind durability and longevity.

Why are roller blinds durable?

Cream bathroom waterproof roller blinds

What makes roller blinds durable? A couple of things. First of all, they’re the most straightforward and simplest type of blind in terms of their construction and number of parts, which means fewer things to potentially go wrong!

Roller blinds have also been around for a very long time, and have been fine-tuned and improved over the decades to ensure optimum performance and longevity.

The sidewinder controls that we use for our roller blinds are ten-year lifecycle tested, and you can reasonably expect them to last in good order some ways beyond this if you open, close, and clean them with a moderate amount of care.

Are roller blinds durable enough to last for a decade or more in daily use?

Yes, roller blinds will last for a decade in daily use or even being opened and closed more than twice a day; they’re a very functional, hardworking blind, and they are designed to be used in the normal manner for ten years or more.

Are roller blinds durable enough for use in kid’s rooms?

Dinosaurs patterned blackout roller blinds in kids' bedroom

Roller blinds are a really good pick for children’s rooms, because they’re both hardwearing and inexpensive, and can be made in waterproof options too, which some parents will find a relief.

They’re not flimsy or easy to damage, but obviously a committed campaign of harassment on the part of a child, whether that be pulling the blind about or hitting it with something, will eventually cause problems.

But if you do expect your blind to be subjected to this sort of treatment, roller blinds are certainly one of your best bets, along with faux-wood blinds; these are even more durable but also, this is tempered by the fact that they are also rather more costly.

Are roller blinds durable enough for bathrooms?

Black PVX roller blind in bathroom

As long as you use a PVC or vinyl roller blind, both of which are waterproof, then yes. However, polyester roller blinds aren’t waterproof and so, aren’t suitable for use in bathrooms as a rule.

If you do use a polyester or non-waterproof roller blind in the bathroom, this is apt to shorten its lifespan, and cause it to both look scruffy (potentially showing tidemarks or even developing mildew or mould) and to fail to function correctly far sooner than it would if used in the appropriate environment.

What type of roller blinds are most durable?

The most durable types of roller blinds are the waterproof options, being those made from PVC or vinyl respectively.

Polyester roller blinds are hardwearing too, but waterproof options will also resist the grown of mould and mildew in damp or humid rooms, and won’t suffer any ill effects if they are splashed or got wet. You can also wash them thoroughly as and when needed to keep them in good condition.

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