Choosing the Best Blinds for your Bathroom

Choices for Humid and Misty Bathrooms

When deciding on which types of blinds are best suited to the windows of your bathroom, the first thing you may need to consider is the likelihood of the blinds getting wet or being subjected to a significant amount of moisture or humidity on a regular basis.

If this is the case, then the most suitable choices are some vinyl or PVC waterproof roller blinds which are perfect if you like a nice clean look at the bathroom window, or some waterproof vertical blinds if you require slightly more light control during the daytime. The great thing about both these types of blinds is the fact they will not only be waterproof but also blackout and mould resistant, making them a very versatile solution.

Both of these types of bathroom blinds are not just extremely practical, but with latest styles of PVC and vinyl fabrics designs available, they are stylish as well. With a selection of timeless hues such as cream, beige, brown and white for a soothing look at the window, through to some colourful hues of vibrant blue, pink and yellow, as well as some wonderfully contemporary patterned designs, there is a design to suit all bathrooms.

As an example of the new range of waterproof vertical and roller blind designs available, here is a our beautiful new range of waterproof bathroom blinds, they perfectly illustrate that waterproof blinds have come a long way in recent years both in terms of looks and functionality. They are also extremely easy to keep clean being both wipe able and washable.

Bathroom roller blinds

Other options for humid bathrooms

Another option for very humid and misty bathrooms is aluminium Venetian blinds. Keep in mind though that they have to be made fully of aluminium and with high grade plastic components for raising, tilting and lowering the blind if they are going to get wet regularly, if any of the component’s within the workings of the blind are steel then there is a good chance they will rust over time. They do offer the option of both a classic and modern look depending on the choice of colour and finish and they are perfect for controlling light and privacy at the bathroom window.

Bathroom venetian blinds

If you prefer the look of wood in the bathroom, there is a new range of faux wood venetian blinds that are constructed from PVC giving you the natural beauty of wood with all the practicality of PVC. They look very authentic and come in a beautiful range of soothing wood colours that are fairly neutral allowing you to introduce them into practically any colour scheme. They are also UV resistant which means they won’t fade in the direct sunlight and also fire resistant, giving you complete peace of mind.

Bathroom faux wood blinds

Options where humidity isn’t an issue

For bathrooms where the blinds are not going to be situated close to the bath or shower and where they are not going to get wet or be subjected to moisture there is a much wider choice. You can still opt for some roller blinds or vertical blinds but instead of being tied to the PVC fabrics you can choose from a much wide selection. You can select from timeless plain fabrics to create a truly relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, or pick out the colours in your bathroom accessories with a colourful or funky patterned or printed design to create a contrast or a fabulous statement at the windows.

If it’s a softer look you are looking to achieve at the window, then some luxurious roman blinds are a great choice. Their beautiful soft folds and classic good looks means they bring an opulent and sumptuous look to any bathroom. With literally hundreds of fabrics designs and colours to choose from, there is a style to compliment any décor. Of course roman blinds really are not suitable for bathrooms where there is any moisture in the atmosphere, so they are only advisable in bathrooms that are well ventilated or quite large where the blind is going to be situated a good distance from the shower or bath.

As with roman blinds, wooden venetian blinds will only be suitable in low humidity environments. They do however offer the perfect way to add a touch of nature to both the windows and the décor. With a wide variety of wood colours and stains to choose from as well as some very contemporary gloss wooden blinds, there is something suitable for all tastes. They also offer a greater amount of sunlight and privacy control compared to other types of blinds.

Whatever type of blinds you choose, just keep in mind the amount of moisture in the room and also the proximity to the bath or shower when making you decision. After that just have fun choosing a colour and design to either compliment the rest of the décor or one that will act as a beautiful contrast. The addition of some luxury bathroom blinds will make all the difference to the look, feel and atmosphere of the room and allow you to lay back and relax in your bubble bath or invigorate yourself in your power shower.

Waterproof roller blind

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