Strangest Things Seen Through Home Windows

When it comes to home privacy, we all have different attitudes. Some people couldn’t care less that you can see straight into their house when you walk past, whereas others use their privacy to keep an eye on the people on their street – we’ve all seen that curtain-twitching neighbour, keeping track of who’s coming and going.

We at English Blinds take window furnishings of all types very seriously. There’s plenty of reasons for wanting – or needing – a set of blinds, but one of the most common reasons we come across when speaking to our customers is privacy.

With that in mind, we thought that it would be interesting to get in touch with our customers and ask them whether they’d ever seen anything strange through a home window. The results were fantastic – we never thought we’d get such entertaining anecdotes!

We just had to share some of the best and most bizarre stories with you, so we decided to commission acclaimed artist, Paul Blow, to illustrate them.

Take a peek at some of our favourites below:

“The best thing I’ve ever seen through a window was when I saw a lady weighing a single boob on a set of kitchen scales. Not sure what recipe it was for!”

Boob Weighing

“I was once walking my dog when I happened to look into someone’s front room. I saw a woman wearing black leather walking her ‘dog’ – a guy on a leash! Each to their own, I guess.”

Man Dog Leather

“My neighbour is completely obsessed with Justin Bieber. It’s actually a little bit odd. Apart from the posters all over the wall, I’ve even seen her sitting on her sofa with a life-size cut-out of him. Gives me the creeps!”

Bieber Fever

“I work as a window cleaner so I often see into people’s homes while I’m working – it’s hard to avoid. The strangest thing I’ve ever seen was an old lady eating dinner at a table completely surrounded by her cats, who were also eating dinner.”

Cat Dinner

“My neighbour is a bit of an eccentric man. I always knew he kept owls, but I didn’t know they lived in his house with him until I spotted him eating breakfast one morning with a large owl perched on top of his head. The best part was he looked quite unfazed by the whole thing.”

Owl Head

“I can hear my gate open and close from my bedroom, and I notice it most in the mornings when the postman comes. Strange thing was, sometimes I’d hear the gate open but I wouldn’t receive any post.

Well, one morning I was up and about earlier than usual when I heard the gate go – I then saw that my postman had taken to using my garden as his personal toilet stop. I knocked on the window and waved, and since then I only ever hear the gate open when I get post!”

Postman Wee

Have you ever seen something strange through a window at home? We’d love to hear any funny stories you might have. Let us know over at @EnglishBlinds.