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Make sure you’re prepared for the English weather – come rain or shine – with our new Roman Blind Skirt©. This handmade and exquisitely crafted garment is made to measure, ensuring a comfortable yet tailored fit. The innovative design has transformed the way we wear skirts, by allowing the length to be manually raised or extended – just like our Roman Blinds.

Fancy a walk in the park? Has the weather taken a turn for the worse? Or perhaps you want to wear something that says, ‘I want to be formal, but I’m here to party’. No problem! With this unique and stunning design, the Roman Blind Skirt© can be hitched up to ensure you have the room to do so.

As a luxury product, you can expect perfect craftsmanship and only the finest materials – all brought to you with a bespoke, tailored finish. The Roman Blind Skirt© comes with a 5 year guarantee and boasts a child safety device on in the inner hem.

No more folding skirts at the waistband or being unable to participate in outdoor activities – Roman Blind Skirt© has got it covered. Make your friends turn green with envy and get the wow factor – email us today to put in your custom order.

ekomi customer reviews
ekomi customer reviews
The perfect skirt for UK summer time! Top up the tan in the sun and 20 minutes later during the artic blizzard lower to warm those ankles!
At first I was afraid I was petrified, kept thinking I could never wear a skirt with pull cords at the side! But then I spent so many nights thinking nothing could go wrong and I grew strong, I learned how to adjust from short to long!
Last Saturday I lost the kids for 2 hours before I checked under my new skirt! They had created a Tepee! Peace and quiet teamed with fashion! A dream come true!
I enjoy a night out with my friends and sometimes you just don't want the attention from potential suitors. Problem solved by the Roman skirt! I can make it clear by simply lengthening the skirt, but if a Tom Hardy look alike comes along I can hoist away!!!
I was very dubious about this skirt at first but what a find, my husband now has a clear indicator of what mood I am in and if it's safe to approach!
My fiend owns a very amorous Jack Russell called Burt and after wear full riot gear on most occasions I found It much easier to stop his advances by hiding my leg under this extendable skirt! Thanks Roman skirt!
Great for smuggling my shorter friends into clubs under!
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